Sabfoil K91590Y – IKA Youth Foil Class | Hydrofoil Set


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The K91590Y is fast and stable, inspires confidence, accelerates in a very smooth way, it’s quick to plane and tracks naturally.The W590 wing, with its 650 cm2 front wing surface area permits a low lift speed, while the moderate reverse design will keep the stability you need at high speed. A foil very easy to ride, with a good upwind angle and capable of 30+ knots.The S330 stabilizer increases the pitch control and the lateral stability, which makes this foil ideal also for beginners.No surprise this combo W590/S330 is a best seller for all those riders who love an overall performing foil.IKA YOUTH FOIL CLASS RegisteredAlways keep the threaded holes of the fuselage clean and lubricate them often using lithium grease (code MHW033) to avoid and prevent oxidation and corrosion due to seawater. Always clean your fuselage with fresh water after use